NEMT – What Is It & Who Benefits?

Most people do not know what NEMT is. For those who don’t know it is the acronym for non-emergency medical transportation. These are vans, buses, taxis, and even occasionally airplanes that make sure people, who do not have access to an automobile or are temporarily unable to transport them, have contact with the medical professionals they need to get to. A person can imagine being in a horrible wreck and coming out of it with a broken arm and leg. They would be lucky individuals. Yes, their car may be completely totaled but they are alive. What now though? How are they going to get to and from the doctors’ appointments and physical therapists’ appointments they are going to have to go to? With full casts how can this person use public transportation, if they even have it in their area? That is where non-emergency medical transportation comes to the rescue.

In most cases non-emergency medical transportation is managed through brokerage type companies. The software they use allows them to keep track of companies that provide this specialized service. It also lets them know which companies have vehicles that are specially modified to handle wheelchairs and other specialized equipment the patient might have. That gives them the chance to provide service to anyone that may need it. Also, there are different services that provide long distance medical transportation for those who have appointments over 200 miles away. How the patient gets hold of these options is easy as a phone call. They talk to the brokerage firm that asks them a couple of questions about their needs. The company then uses the software to narrow down the companies and contacts them then coordinates booking the ride.

This helps those with specialized needs to maintain their independence. Not feeling like a burden to friends and family can take some of the stress out of recovery. For those who are chronically ill this since of independence may boost their morale.
The fee for these services change on the provider that is chosen. It may also be more or less depending on the miles that will be traveled and the requirements they may have to be met as well as other factors. The NEMT software that is used should be able to tell the brokerage firm what the prices for the various companies will be and the firm can then give the patient an estimate. These costs may be able to be off set by the client’s insurance if it helps to pay for non-emergency medical transportation.